5 books like the show You // dark obsession thriller book recommendations

The show 'You' is returning for its fourth season on Netflix and if you just can't get enough of that series and you're looking for some more dark obsession thriller type stories, or some more characters like Joe Goldberg, I have five amazing book recommendations for you. So stay tuned!

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Starting off with number five on my list, we have 'My Lovely Wife' by Samantha Downing.  In this story you're following a couple who has been married for 15 years and things are starting to get a little bit boring and so to spice it up they murder people together. They look like a normal couple on the outside, but secretly they are lu... view more


In my number four position is 'Bath Haus' by PJ Vernon. In this story you're following Oliver Park who is a recovering drug addict who has finally felt like he made a good life for himself, he's in love with this guy named Nathan who is a successful surgeon, and it seems like his life is on the right track. One day he decides to visit... view more