*non spicy* romance book recommendations

On this list I wanted to share with you some non-smutty romance books, these books do not really have a lot of "smoke" going on in it and not a lot of sex scenes, if there is one scene, it's typically short, to the point and not very detailed, just about a paragraph or two. Some of these books may not even have those scenes, instead, you get the feeling of where they're about to go but then it jumps to the next chapter. 

So if you are looking for a romance book that does not have a lot of those type of scenes in it, If you're over sex scenes or you really just don't like reading them in general and you want some romance books that isn't just filled with that, then I got you covered.

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'Indigo Ridge' by Devney Perry, this was actually the first book that I read by Devney Perry and it was my favorite book of hers up until I read 'The Birthday List', however I've spoken about that book before, and I do not wish to re-share that recommendation, instead I'll be talking about 'Indigo Ridge'. This is a story about two peo... view more


'The Soulmate' by Christina Lauren. These authors would actually be amazing to check out in general, they are traditionally published authors and therefore traditionally published books tend to be a little bit less smutty than self-published Indie books, the ones you'd often find on Kindle Unlimited. I have read the majority of thei... view more