Ten Must Read 2023 Books for Kids Volume 2

What's up I'm Colby Sharp and a fifth grade teacher in Michigan. On this list and on my channel we're trying to help kids fall in love with reading, and we do that by talking about books, sharing and having them read amazing and awesome stories.

On this list what I'll be sharing are 10 awesome 2023 children's book, so let's just get started we have so many books to talk about.

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Not An Easy Win by Chrystal D. Giles is an amazing story of a boy named Lawrence who gets expelled from school. He's expelled from school at the very beginning of the book and it is revealed that things have been hard for Lawrence, his father is incarcerated and his mom, sister and him had to move in with grandma and he had to switch s... view more


This is a cool graphic novel 'a first time for everything' by Dan Santat. This is a memoir based on the author Dan when he was in middle school and went on this trip for weeks with a bunch of kids and some chaperones.   This is such a good book, it's all about growing up and trying something different, stepping outside of your comfort ... view more